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Climate Summary for Rarotonga: April 2022


Mean Maximum Temperature: 29.9°C
Mean Minimum Temperature: 23.3°C
Mean Daily Temperature: 26.6°C
Highest Maximum Temperature: 32.2°C on Wed 13th
Lowest Maximum Temperature: 27.6°C on Sun 03rd
No of days Max Temperature >=30.0°C: 14 days
Highest Minimum Temperature: 26.4°C on Sat 09th
Lowest Minimum Temperature: 20.4°C on Mon 08th
No of days Min Temperature <=20.0°C: 00 days

 Total Monthly Rainfall: 145.0mm
 Highest Daily Rainfall 33.4mm on Tue 19th
 No of days of Rainfall >=0.1mm 15 days
 No of days of Rainfall >=1.0mm 11 days
 No of days of Rainfall >=10.0mm 05 days
 No of days of Rainfall >=50.0mm 00 day

Highest MSL Pressure: 1019.4hpa on Wed 20th
Lowest MSL Pressure: 1008.1hpa on Sun 24th
Mean Monthly MSL Pressure: 1014.2hpa

Total Monthly Evaporation: 135.7mm.
Mean Daily Evaporation: 4.5mm


Total Monthly Sunshine 195.1hrs
Mean Daily Sunshine 6.5hrs

Highest Wind Gust: 26 knots from 100° on Wed 20th
Highest Daily Wind Run 464km on the 20th Wed.